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Posted on: February 20, 2009


Right now, this very minute

Someone is very proud of you
Someone is thinking of you
Someone cares about you
Someone misses you
Someone wants to talk to you
Someone wants to be with you
Someone hopes you aren’t in trouble
Someone is thankful for the support you have provided
Someone wants to hold your hand
Someone hopes everything turns out all right
Someone wants you happy
Someone wants you to find them
Someone is celebrating your successes
Someone wants to give you a gift
Someone thinks you are a gift
Someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot
Someone wants to hug you
Someone loves you
Someone wants to lavish you with small gifts
Someone admires your strength
Someone is thinking of you and smilin
Someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on
Someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun
Someone thinks the world of you
Someone wants to protect you
Someone would do anything for you
Someone wants to be forgiven
Someone is grateful for your forgivess
Someone wants to laugh with you about old times
Someone remembers you and wishes you were there
Someone needs to know that your love is unconditional
Someone values your advise
Someone wants wants to tell you how much they care
Someone wants to stay up watching old movies with you
Someone wants to share their dreams with you
Someone wants to hold you in their arms
Someone wants you to hold them in your arms
Someone treasures your spirit
Someone wishes they could stop time because of you
Someone can’t wait to see you
Someone wishes that things didn’t have to change
Someone loves you for who you are
Someone loves the way you make them feel
Someone wants to be with you
Someone hears a song that reminds them of you
Someone wants you to know they are there for you
Someone is glad that you’re their friend
Someone wants to be your friend
Someone stayed up all night thinking about you
Someone is alive because of you
Someone is wishing that you would notice them
Someone wants to get to know you better
Someone believes that you are their soul mate
Someone wants to be near you
Someone misses your guidance and advise
Someone values your guidance and advise
Someone has faith in you
Someone trusts you
Someone needs your support
Someone needs you to have faith in them
Someone needs you to let them be you friends


By the way, I had received this forward message few times and I found it meaningful as this had meaningful message within it. Appreciate everyone beside you especially your family and friends who concern about you, give you support when you’re facing any obstacles and courage to make you stronger.

2 Responses to ">Someone"

>Wow.. So many someone ah you? lolYups my dear! On the left hand when you walk from the parking lots. If you walk from the beach, the sea side, it’s on your right side! hahahA!Go and have a drink there la! RM5 or RM6 for that big one!

>yup yup…my family and my friends like to go that 1….taste nice especially fruit juice and ABC..

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  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli
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