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>Around Europe in 20 Days [Part 1-Paris]

Posted on: January 10, 2009

>18th September 2008

Five of us, Andrew, Felicia, Hui Xiang, Tsun Hin and I had decided to join TopDeck. (More info of TopDeck will be given in the next post) From an early morning, we departure from Globetrotter Inn, hostel where we overnight at London to join the ferry from Dover to Calais. I was unlucky when passing through the immigration check point where my bag was being selected to scan over. Everyone inside the bus was looking at me. So “pai seh” :P. Luckily nothing happened. It was just ramdomly checked to prove that British immigration officers were efficient and effective. Neh!!!

When we reach Paris, it was getting dark. I never thought that the journey was very long. Our first stop was to the hotel accomodation. The name of that hotel was Hotel Sovereign Saint Quen. After having our dinner, we head into “The City of Lights” for a spectacular night light tour. Paris is renowned for its beauty, which will be evident as we pass some of the many famous sights along the River Seine. This comprehensive city tour takes us past the Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and much more.

Me, Hui Xiang and Felicia shared a room with 1 of the TopDeck members. At first, we thought she was very cool. But when we start to know each other, she was not that kind. Like we always said “Don’t judge books by its cover” or I can said “Don’t judge people by his/her face”.. Let me introduce our new friend, Kyung Hee. Try to guess where she’s from? She was from Korea and she is 26 years old. I think she will never guess that I will introduce her at here. She was very pretty and had fair skin. She is very brave coz she joined this trip all by herself. She seems to be lucky to meet us.

Let me introduce some of interesting places in Paris. I think you should know the world famous, Eiffel Tower, which was one of the Seven Wonders of The World. The tower has become a global icon of France and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It is the tallest building in Paris.

If you had watched Da Vinci Code Movie, sure you will recognize this place. The Louvre Pyramid is a large and metal pyramid. Some of them said Louvre Pyramid was build using 666 glass panes. This number represent the number of “Satan”. Quite scary, right? I still remember there was a movie of a kid named “The Omen, 666” but I haven’t watch it till now. Maybe one day.

Some of the info above were search from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is always my favourite sources of research but my Corporate Finance lecturer, Mr John Parker said that wikipedia is “bullshit”. What do you think?? But I really love Wikipedia. Everyday, I will surf that website.

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  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
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