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>New Year, New Chapter

Posted on: January 3, 2009


Gonna start a new chapter again on this new year. Did I make a list what I wanna do, what should I do or what would I do this for this year of 2009? Nope. I am a person who will do something without writing a list on a memo. Coz I am a person who is hardly tend to achieve what had I planned. This year new year eve celebration kind of dull and lame. At first, I had planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday and after that, we plan to go clubbing. Ermmmm…I’m not those type of gals who like to hang out in those type of places but sometimes need to enjoy myself and open my eyes widely. But this year, I didn’t make it. Just chilling at home, watching the new Hong Kong drama series. The funny thing was my puppy, Guci sitting beside me and watching with me. Hahahaha..
Till now, I still can’t find my direction. I still making choices of my future. Should I stay at my home sweet home or proceed over to KL? Recently I found myself in abnormal condition. Well, I means was I very easy get angry. Sometimes even get frustrated.
Now, just chill out at home. Wait for my friends to call me and date me for movie. I really obsessed with movies recently. Plan to find part time job like cashier, or work at supermarket. If my mom know this, sure she will bising-bising again. By the way, congratulation to my friend, Aaron Lim for your further study of Master back in UK. While chatting with you, I felt like I miss UK life. Suddenly, Netto, H&M, Primark, KH, Moor Street flow in my mind. I had planned with my friend that if I unable to pass my ACCA within this 3 years (touchwood, touchwood), then I will continue study Master in UK.

Primark, not at Sheffield but at Wales..

P/S: My life in UK especially on the trip and Europe trip will be post soon. Really miss those days. Have a great day to blog readers.

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