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>Date: 29th January 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 7 pm onwards

Venue: My Place, somewhere near Kota Kinabalu International Airport

As usual, every year I will open house and this time at night. Some even wear formal wear to ‘bai nien’. Thanks for spending time to come my house….

Let’s us see who came that night

My Girl Guides juniors, Mindy and Chin Set Fui

Nellviana, Phascheyllah & Matilda

Rozilyn, Vicky and Chrystal

Yek Wei Ling and her dear..

Class of 5S

TARCian friends

Thanks for coming..Hope you all enjoy and stomach filled with foods that night…

29 January 2008, a year ago, a moment that I couldn’t forget as it always remain as the precious memory in my heart…

Something Special…


Today is the second day of CNY. Not forgeting, it is also 2 of my buddies birthday. Holy gosh! Both of you getting old liao..Hahahaha…I knew both of them since my first year at TAR College and we had been same class from Diploma till Advanced Diploma. Almost every year we will celebrate for both of them but I wonder how they will celebrate this year without us?

This is the first celebration and it was in year 2006. Holy gosh!! 3 years ago.

All of us at New Way, where we still young and free.

2 years ago celebration. Simple celebration at Kai Wee’s house.. Looks like cutting wedding cake..

This was last year celebration at our favourite yam cha’s place, Zati Manis.

Soo Por very “suai” one..No matter whose birthday, sure he will kena one. During Andrew birthday, he kena. My birthday, he also kena. Last year his birthday, he kena again. So pity sometimes I see him. What I means was…He faces will always full with cream cake.

Anyway, wish both of you have wonderful life throught the year filled with luck, happiness, wealth, health, joy and prosperity. May all the blessings fall upon you..Friends forever!!


It’s coming and it is less than few hours. Everyone is waiting to receive the red packet fill with “ka-ching”. Wear red clothes, visit friends and relatives, play fire crackers, and not forgeting gambling which will happens tomorrow.
Tonite is Chinese New Year Eve and every family is having reunion dinner. Wanna know what my family having for dinner this year? Prepare for yourself….

Bai Kut Wang or Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs

Mix vegetables

Curry Chicken

Fried chicken, fried prawn & fried fish

Roasted duck

Fish ball, cuttlefish ball, prawn ball, prawn ball, chicken ball and veggie for steamboat

Fried mee with char siew, egg, fish cakes, veggie and mushroom

AND MORE FOODS!!!! All is cook by my mom!


Chinese New Year is coming around and everyone must be busy preparing for it. Busy clean and tidy their house and rooms, last minute shopping for clothes, drink and foods and maybe making own cookies, biscuits and cakes. Well, this year my mom and I had decided to make cookies and biscuits by ourselves instead of buying them from supermarket. We started to do 2 weeks before CNY and we had made 6 types of different cookies…

Here are the Teo’s family Handmake cookies:

1. Pineapple Tart (left) and Pineapple Cookies (right).

My first younger brother, William just love this type of cookies. And he is the one who made this cookies with my mom.

2. Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies

This is one of my favourite cookies. It is almost taste alike the Famous Amos cookies. Well, my sister graduate from Malaysia Institute of Baking, which she studied at Petaling Jaya and in order to complete her study, she need to pass her 6 months industrial training. This is one of her secret recipe she learn from there.

3. Seaweed Popiah

This is the most easiest cookies to do. By the way, this cannot categories as cookies. Nevermind, as long can eat. Hehehehe…

4. Cornflakes Cookies

Again, this is one of my favourite cookies and it is also my sister secret recipe. My sister said she use maple syrup to do these cookies.

5. Peanut Cookies

Simple, cookies that made from peanut.

Last but not less forgeting
6. Love Letter Type

This type of cookies all I made by myself. Sometimes I even do until 4 am in the morning. But worth it as my grandfather love it. Thanks Ah Gong!

Thanks for reading my this silly blog. And where is that all cookies now? My mom put them on top of the fridge. She scare that we will finish all before CNY oooo…..Hahahahaha

Before I end, to all my KK friends, you all are invited to come to my house. Please give me a call before you come. By the way, I plan to open house on 31st January 2009 which is Saturday. I need to see how many people could come on that day. Lastly, Happy MOO MOO New Year.

>28th – 29th September 2008

This will be my last post of Italy. Let me introduce 2 wonderful city of Italy

Verona is a city in the northern Italy. It is one of the main tourist destinations in north-esatern Italy, due to its artistic heritage, several annual fairs, shows and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, the ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans.

City of Verona and Verona’s Roman Arena is on the right.

Besides that, we visit ancient Verona, where Romeo and Juliet played out their tragic love affair. From there, we could visit Juliet’s balcony as well as Juliet statue. You must grab this chance to touch Juliet right boob as they believe you will find your true love. Believe it or not, just touch it!

Juliet’s balcony

Remember to touch Juliet’s right boob at Verona

Last city of Italy that we visit. This is one of the place that I looking forward besides Paris. Venice has been known as the “City of Water”, “City of Bridge” and “City of Light”. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Venice is world famous for its canals as it built on an island.

St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, the Bridge of Sighs, Doges Palace, the Campanile and Rialto Bridge are the main sightseeing of Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica

Venice trip is incomplete without a ride through the canals in a gondola. Gondola is the classical Venetian boat which now is mostly used for tourists, weddings and other occasions.


Our ride in gondola

Besides gondola, Venice is famous for its masks and pigeons.

Different typical masks worn during the Carnival of Venice

The friendly pigeons

After our ride in gondola, we walking around for few hours for shopping spree and shooting time again. Then at last, we decide to go back early to our camp to have a nice sleep as we were too tired. The funny thing about Venice is there is no sign board and we simply keep walking, turning left and right and at the end, we end up going back to the same place we were just now. So at last, we decide to take waterbuses. A boat looks alike bus on the water! It is quite interesting anyway.

At night, this is the first time we joined the other tourmembers to the pub and bar. They had persuaded us many times to join them but we refuse. But this night is special as we being requested by Pete Murray to dress up in Toga using the white bed sheet. What! Dress up in bed sheet. At first, we felt a little bit insecure to join but we had promise Ms Sarah that we will join them. So, in order not to dissapointed her, we join at last. So here is how we dress…
I really had a wonderful and unforgetable moments at Venice. If I had the chance to go Italy once again, Venice will be my choice.

>27th September 2008

Vatican City
Early morning, we had to do exercise before going to the Vatican City. What I means was we were run again because our Miss Sarah scare of the long queue. This time the whole tourmembers run together and suddenly Andrew said a funny words. He said “Looks like we are signing for running tour.” It was really funny. When we reach, it is really almost long queue and the tour haven’t start yet. We were so lucky that time coz on that day, it was “TOURIST DAY”, which means every entrance fee is FOC! Vatican city is the smallest state in the world by both population and area. Overall, the tour is quite boring :P.. However, we had the have the opportunity to see some of the finestworks of art in the world – the paintings in the Sistine Chape.

Exactly at 12 pm, the tour finish and we continue our journey to visit Rome’s ancient monuments. Besides that, we were on our way to meet Liong Sung and our senior, Gan. While waiting for them, we take this chance to enter Colosseum as it is free. If it wasn’t free, the entrance fee cost 11 pound which approximate to RM55.

At last, we meet Liong Sung and Gan. After meeting them, Liong Sung said he was hungry and want to have his consider lunch. On the way to find some nice and cheap place to eat, we visit Victor Emmanuel Monument. This is a monument to honour Victor Emmanuel, who is the first king of a unified Italy.


I was checking my hotmail and I received this mail from my diploma classmate, Sherlie. So, I decided to save those pictures and post at here.

Nice right? Feel like relaxing and have a peaceful mind at there.

>26th September 2008


Orvieto is the third city of Italy that we visit. It is a historic hilltop city. We took cable car which almost looks alike Penang Bendera Hill’s cable car but we didn’t need to change twice to reach to our destination. The main focus of Orvieto is the Orvieto Cathedral or known as Duomo di Orvieto. The cathedral’s façade is a classic piece of religious construction, containing elements of design from the 14th to the 20th century, with a large rose window, golden mosaics and three huge bronze doors.


Next, we heading to Italy’s capital, The Eternal City of Rome. After been through this wonderful and enriching tour, I think the day my foot step on Rome was my unforgetable day. There were 2 stories that I like to share with u all. We reached Rome on 26th September 2008. This date is special because is was my Queen of my heart birthday. Besides that, it was my classmate and also my housemate, Liong Sung birthday. So, we gave him a call to wish him. He told me that those who join Ken Air tour maybe somewhere around Rome. I was like is it impossible for us to meet them at Rome? OK, before I continue with my story, let me introduce some interesting places of Rome. First of all, Miss Sarah introduce us the Spanish Steps. These set of stairs is the longest and widest staircase in all Europe. It is also the craziest step which was crowded with people.

Spanish Steps. Alamak, so many people!

Next to the Spanish Steps was the Barcaccia Fountain. Miss Sarah told us that it is safety for us to refill water from this fountain.

Andrew refill his water to his bottle from Barcaccia Fountain.

Now the story continue from here. While waiting for my tourmate to refill their water, I was thinking of what Liong Sung told me. My eyes are keep searching and my mind is keep on thinking that will I able to see my other friends who join Ken Air tour? Suddenly I saw a gal that seems so similar was taking the fountain photo. Is that Jing Ying? Then I saw a guy and he is waving to me. And that guy is Joe Tan. I was so shocked and I shouted to Vincent, who was beside me that time that I saw them. It was really them. We were so happy when we ran to them and everyone is looking at us. It is so suprise to see them. It is impossible to see them as their tour was started from the Netherland while we started from Paris.

Us and the Ken Air tour members
Miss Sarah asked us if we had the intention to join them. We really wish to join them but it is better to join back our own tour as we unsure either Ken Air tour guide allow or not.

One of the place that u shouldn’t miss when visiting Rome was the fountain. This is the fountain I was searching for, Trevi Fountain. Few movies as well as drama had been taken here. If you are TVB lovers, you should seen this in the drama Triumph in the Skies where Flora Chan makes her wish and throw the coin at this fountain. Besides that, the teenager superstar movies such as Hilary Duff “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s movie “When in Rome”. Not forgeting a few scenes of Bon Jovi “Thank You for Loving Me” music video was also taken here. Gosh! This place was totally crowded with lots lots lots lots of people and it is very hard to take a nice and beautiful picture unless you are very professional. While strugging to take photo, I found out lots of people was sitting at this fountain with their ice-cream in their hands while enjoying the view. Suddenly I feel like “I need some ice-cream”.

Trevi Fountain

After finish with our shooting, we go meet our tourmembers and some of them also eating ice-cream. They told me that ice-cream was sold for 3.50 euro for 5 flavours. Without thinking too much, I straight ran into the ice-cream shop and order my favourite dessert. Andrew, Nicole and Kyong Hee were following my footsteps too. However, 4 of us were unlucky. This is where my second interesting and funny story came. My tour had gone! Miss Sarah gone! All gone! Left these 4 people holding ice-cream in their hand? What should we do? We keep calling Felicia and Vincent for help but it seems impossible for us to find them since both of them also unsure where Miss Sarah gonna bring them. We haven’t finish our ice-cream and yet, we need to run like mad Ox to meet the others. Luckily Kyung Hee is so smart and she guess that the next place was Pantheon. Luckily we find the right place and when we reach there, they are having 30 minutes break. Thanks Lord or else, we need to run again!

Fuh!! So tired after run like mad people

The Pantheo and I’m still holding my Gelati

The final places I gonna introduce (By the way, it’s was not final but I will continue in the next post as I was too tired to type) is non other than Colosseum.

Me & my tourmates in front of Colosseum

Final part of Italy will be post in the next post. Chiao and Grazie for reading my non-sense post :P!

>24th – 25th September 2008


This is the first city of Italy that my tour stopby. Pisa is a city in Tuscany, central of Italy. Pisa is famous for the Leaning Tower which was one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. The city is known worldwide for its famous bell tower.

View of the Piazza dei Miracoli

While the Leaning Tower is the most famous image of the city, it is one of many works of art and architecture in the city’s Piazza del Duomo, which is also known as Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles). The Piazza del Duomo also houses the Duomo (the Cathedral), the Baptistry and the Camposanto Monumentale (the monumental cemetery).


Florence is known as the “cradle of Renaissance” for its monuments, churches and buildings. Florence get its name from flourishing or flower, as it being known as city of flowers. We start our day with walking tour with the local guide, which means our Miss Sarah will have her off day on that day. We start our tour with Santa Croce. Basilica of Santa Croce or known as Basilica of the Holy Cross is the burial place of great Italian artist, Michelangelo.

Basilica of Santa Croce

Santa Maria del Fiore, known as the Duomo Catheral

Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest and famous art museums in the world. Here, you can see Michelangelo sculpture outside the museum.

The narrow courtyard between the Uffizi’s two wings creates the effect of a short, idealized street


Leornado Da Vinci

Ponte Vecchio Bridge, one unique bridge

Touch this wild board, and you will return to Florence again

Pigeons are looking at us

Paint on the street

Florence is famous for its shopping especially leather. So if you walk around, you will find lots of leather products such as bag, belt, jackets and shoes as they are selling at a lower prices in Florence than in other Italian cities. However, most of it was fake and it looks alike our own Malaysia’s Petaling Street. Although it is fake, the products that they sold was not really cheap. Almost cost RM400 for a small LV bag. Better go buy at Petaling Street.

>22nd – 23rd September 2008

The third place that we heading to is Nice, France. Nice is a city in southern France located on the Mediterranean coast. The city is a major tourist centre and a leading resort on the French Riviera, home of the rich and famous.
The hotel that we stayed was a strategic location as the whole street full with shop such as Top Shop, Zara, H&M and lots more.

City of Nice

We were lost and we need direction! Help US!!!

End up taking photo with dog. His name was Polo.

Old Town of Nice, where the narrow cobbled streets house hand crafts and traditional French wares could be found here.

Place Masséna, main square of the city
Nice is the second most popular French city after Paris. Nice has a Mediterranean climate where we enjoyed with the mild temperature.

Nice beach. This photo was taken by Vincent and Andrew. The sad new was Nicole, Felicia and I didn’t not made it to this place.


Monaco famous for its casino. This is also the place of wealthy people lived where there is no tax being levied on them. According to my tour guide, to become Monaco residents, all you have to do is you need to pay 1 million Euro as deposits and this is non-refundable. Gosh!!! 1 million Euro is equal to RM5 million. They are really rich people over here.

Port of Hercules, La Condamine

Monte Carlo Casino

During our visit to casino, we saw lots of luxury cars. Really a lots..

Besides casino, Monaco Grand Prix was held annually in the streets of Monaco.

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