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>Wishing on a Wishing Star

Posted on: December 6, 2008


Wish to go swimming at Sutera Harbour with my siblings but they are too lazy. Especially my bros where both of them are too addicted to their computer, PS2 and PSP. Besides that, I want find “kaki” to play badminton with me. I really miss playing badminton since the last time I played with my friends at TARC sport complex.
Wish that my plan on this coming Monday will going well as so long I never watch movie. When is the last time I watch movie? Ermmmm…2 weeks ago when my cousin came from Kuching, where I watch Madagascar for second time.
Wish to go holiday with my family or my friends. I just love travelling. I know I just back from my summer top-up degree in UK and finish travelling around Europe but I really wish I could travel once more before I start another chapter of my life into working life. But mostly, I wish I could travel with my best friends as it has been my wishing list for this year. How I wish I can win lottery??

My favourite place since I was small
Wish to buy new digital camera. If my ex-roomie, Joanna saw this, she sure kill me coz I juz bought new digital camera before I went to UK. The latest camera that I bought was Olympus 1030 SW with 10.1MP and waterproof summore. If you are wondering how many camera did I had? Don’t ask me this question coz I can’t count it out. I’m searching for Canon Ixus.

Digital IXUS 80 IS. Who had this camera? Tell me is it worthwhile to buy or not..

Wish that my mom will immediately call the repair man to repair our Astro. Funny right?? Coz it’s been almost 1 year I can’t watch MTV and also Channel V. I had 3 astro at my house but the funny thing was my grandpa’s room and my dad can watch that channel which they did not watch at all while I watch in living room can’t watch at all. Why always like that? Everytime I turn to channel 713 and 714, they will show “Services currently are not available”. I can’t keep going to their room to watch.

Wish that celebrate wonderful christmas day with all my beloved people; family, friends. Gift for me? I can’t think yet for this moment. Hopefully everything will going well this special season.
How I wish on wishing star…

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