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Posted on: November 22, 2008


Stop for a while for crapping section before continue with another blog on Scotland trip. My sis asked me,Jie, why you like to write all those things about yourself and let all the people see?” “Well, u know I had STM which I scare one day if I really forget everything, at least I still got this blog to remind myself how my life was”, this is what I told my sis.. While blogging on my Scotland Trip part 4, i was chatting with one my ex-classmate. He told me he already resign and now back to hometown. It was a really shocked to hear it but this was his decision. In our conversation, I told him hard for me to make decision either to work in KL or stay at hometown and work here. I was really struggle with this for the past few days. Before I went back to KL last few days, I was being asked by my friends about this decision. In between, she had asked me the most important question which was “FOR WHO”. I told her the answer but is that the real answer truly from my heart? I wonder…
Back to my conversation with my friends. He told me that “we are not live for ourselves. Every decisions that we made, we need to count. We had to consider everyone surrounding us especially our parents. We can’t be selfish. Sometimes, we were being forced to do the things that we don’t like.” But what to do. This is life. Even sick with our life, we still need to continue. That’s why I named this post as “Untitled”. This is a song title sang by Simple Plan. Simple Plan always write a meaningful lyrics like Perfect. My friend had put some of the lyrics as his MSN display message. I also feel want to scream sometimes but I can’t. Can’t find the suitable places to scream as loud as I want. When think back of this, there was a moment where I scream so loud and it was at Pulau Redang. It was nightime that moment where my friends and I was chit chat while looking to the blue night sky filled with lots of twinkling stars. Sometimes, wish the Lord can show me the right path for me to choose the better choice of my life.. What can I said? This is life.

Pulau Redang trip 2 years ago. How times pass so fast???

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