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>My B’day

Posted on: October 28, 2008

>By the way, this post had been passed for 7 months and 18 days in my friendster but I would like to post here again since I would like to close my blog in friendster. I really had a wonderful, enjoyable and unforgetable birthday this year.

7th March 2008
My juniors and I went to Station 1 at Genting Klang. It was my earliest and first birthday celebration from all my juniors this year. Thanks a lots to Chiou Nhan, Lynnette, May Kim, Chen Ling, Wey Shin, Han Yin, Mei Foong, Yanz and Li Pi. It was really a suprise birthday from u all. It was unexpected celebration with all unknown people over there who having their dinner or yam cha at there. When the cake was in front of me, I push the cake to my other junior coz I’m too shy. Hahahaha…Thanks once again.

My cute cute juniors at Station 1

8th March 2008
My ex-roomate, Chai Hsian, my senior, Joey and my best friend, Kai Wee fetch me from hostel to Times Square. We having our lunch at Gasoline and it was my first time lunch having at there.What a nice renovation at there. I was amazed. After that, shopping and searching for something at Low Yat. Next, watching movie with them. I never thought that it was a ghost movie. I’m not scare but coz want to accompany me watch movie, my ex-roomie sacrifice to watch this movie..Hahahaa…Thanks my ex-roomie..Althought my ex-roomie and I been a roomate for 1 semester onli, but she treat me very nice. She like a big sister to me. And my senior, Chew Yi, she now studying at UTAR, sungai long busy with her assignment but still left some time for me..I was so touching and thanks for the dinner at Secret Recipe. Being forced to choose 3 slide of cakes and had to eat all by myself but at last i refused and said I want 1 cake and 1 meal. Thanks a lots for spending whole day with me.

9th March 2008
Quite tired coz last 2 days sleep very late but need to be active coz 2nite having BBQ with all my friends. Before that, my ex-roomie came to hostel to fetch me and my friend went to Carrefour, Jusco and 99 speed market to bought some groceries item for some left items that haven’t bought yet for tonight BBQ. Thanks again my ex-roomie..U always fetch me here and there.Sometimes I wish I had car but what to do..Haiz.. 5 pm reach. All my hostel friends reach at Kai Wee’s house for BBQ. Quite a lot people this time.. Reach around 10.45, came with a third and suprise birthday cake from them. And it was my favourite cake from Secret Recipe, Chocolate Indulgence. Thanks to u all. Even need to wake up early for early class and working on the next day, but you all still come. I was so touching and almost want to cry.. Here a list I want to thanks. Thanks to Kai Wee for organise this party. Thanks to Tracey, Wei Pei, Jenny, Zhee Yee aka purplefish, Meow Ling,Liong Sung, Jason, Joe aka Leftooter, Felicia, Shiueh Yi, Fiona, Ah Hin, Min Tek, Ah Chen, Jonathan, Brendan, Phui Loo, Apple, Fah Li, Pooi Kuan, Soopor, Wen Loon, Tommy, Chen Yong and Shih Ching. Did I miss someone from the list? I think nope..Not forget to my cute and funny lecturer, Mr Julius. Thanks for coming and hope u all enjoy.. Thanks to Julius for fetch all of my hostel friends back.. I was reli happy and enjoy that moment.. Especially the birthday card that I received..I was made by my ex-roomie, senior and Kai Wee. Reli thanks a lot..All of ur signature were on the card plus “being forced pic of mine”. What can I said now was reli thanks a lot..I reli appreciate and glad for what u all had done. I was so thankful to Lord for knowing u all.

How many people in this pic?? Hehehe 😛

Lastly, when reach hostel, thanks to my dearest current roomate, Joanna for ur wishing,message and birthday present too. Not forgeting to my zhu zhu, Siew Yen and Pooi Yam for your lovely gift. Thanks to Andrew too for “belanja” me sing k.

Not forget to all who send message to my friendster’s testimonial and sms. Thanks thanks..How many times I said thanks already? Once more time, THANKS TO ALL MY JUNIORS, EX-ROOMIE, SENIOR, CLASSMATES, EX-CLASSMATES, COURSEMATES, HOSTEL FRIENDS, ROOMATE, MR JULIUS AND ALL MY BELOVED FRIENDS AND NOT FORGETING HIM. Thanks for celebrate my “double 2” birthday. Hope our friendship will last forever and never ends. Wish all ur dreams and wishes come true.

Truly, madly, deeply from -dianateo- [Will be continue]

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