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>Birthday Celebration at UK

Posted on: September 2, 2008


Happy Birthday to two lovely, adorable and nicest gals, Wei Pei and Wei Yien. Both Wei leh! Hehehe.. What such an unforgetable moments to celebrate birthday at overseas..So unlucky my birthday wasn’t within the period we stayed in UK.
3 cakes were being made especially for them. Chocolate butter cake from Xue Wen, Tiramisu from Tracey and 1 lovely Mark Spenser’s cake purposely bought from someone special to Wei Yien. Hehehe..

Wei Yien in red and Wei Pei in blue with 3 birthday cakes

Gals power!!

Let’s rock the house!!
Suddenly feel like want to create this post when I view those UK photos.

1 Response to ">Birthday Celebration at UK"

>wow…so nice…somemore got my pic show inside ur blog le!!! so great..nsurprise le..pai seh pai seh…hehe..wow..u can put all ur sweet memory inside ur blog le…admirer… show like u very care bout ur friendship too…hope time wil return back to tat sweet moment n keep it much longer.. aac coursemates must keep in touch oh..^.^

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