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>My VBF Month

Posted on: August 14, 2008

>The month of August represent my very best friends month. Why? Coz this is the month where four of my very best friend’s birthday.

  1. Shing Wei, my long time friend since Form 2 till now. During secondary school, most of the time we always been together even after school time till there was a moment, one of my classmate asked are we “les”?? Gosh!! No, we are best friends :D. Her birthday is on 9th August. All da best in your coming exam ooo…
  2. Lembu, susu miss u so much…Seems like animal talks here..Hahahaha.. Lembu represents my very close friend during my diploma time, who was Marina. Both of us hometown was very far so most of my weekend time spend with her.. Sometimes, both of us can walk from hostel to Wangsa Maju..Yes, we walked coz too lazy to wait for bus and don’t want inccured more cost for taxi.. After diploma, she move on with her career in Kota Bharu but glad that she comes to KL once in a blue moon…Hopefully, she can comes to attend my convo in coming Nov..Happy Birthday to my lembu and her is today.
  3. Purplefish..Another animal here again…Don’t misprescribed me as I like to give animal nickname to my friend. Her real name is really purplefish. By the way, her chinese name pronouciation is “zhee yee” and when you first time you heard of it, you will heard purplefish. She is funny gal.When everytime I with her, I just can’t stop laughing. She is like medicine to me wherever I am sad. Purplefish, thanks to the courage and support you gave to me. Without you, I think I still playing guessing game..
  4. Last but not least, my ketam, Jenny.. Although been as my classmate for almost 1 year, but don’t know why I feel like I knew you for more than that. Why “ketam”? She loves to eat ketam and there is also story behind this. As you know, it is boring during lecture and sometimes will feel hungry too. She took my MIS tutorial questions paper and draw ketam on it. Almost whole page full with ketam. So that’s where her nickname came from. Today I received message from her thru friendster and when I read it, my tears suddenly drop. She told me her currently working condition where she just started working with. But the main reason behind my tears drop is because I really miss them. In one day, I receive 3 message from my vbf and I really miss them so much. I know in about 1 month plus, I about to go back to Malaysia but some of them will change coz each of them have their own busy life. Can we still continue with the moment we had before? I wonder

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