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>Miss Every Moment

Posted on: August 7, 2008


Since the day I came to UK, there’s lots of things I really miss. I became so homesick compare the time when I was in TARC. Maybe cause all my best friend aka my ji mui not with me.

Here are the moments that I really miss a lots

  1. Went to island and jet-skiing every Sunday with my family.
  2. Dad and mom woke up of their 4 “piggies” to have breakfast.
  3. Watching movie and hang out with my long time friends back in hometown.
  4. Almost every night yam cha with my ji mui and TARC friends and “38” till late at nite.
  5. Overnite at my ji mui’s place.
  6. My hostel juniors cooked for me especially “7 Flowers”.
  7. Me and my ex-roomate, Joanna exchange, discuss movie and music and chat with each other till morning. (Sorry for didn’t hang out with you before going to UK, but I promise that I will find u after back from UK)
  8. Talking and laughing in lecture hall as well as tutorial time.
  9. Sing k for non-stop at Red Box, Low Yat.
  10. Most important moment: study at library (really miss u lots :D) and walking from school to Wangsa Maju.

Every moment is precious to me and will remain in my heart forever.

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