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>Wales Trip [Part 1]

Posted on: June 29, 2008

>29th June 2008

Before this, I had talked about Wales before but this time around, we will know more about Wales. Wales is my first overnight trip during my study at United Kingdom.

Wales is one of the four “home nations” that make up the United Kingdom. The other 3 home nations are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For your information, Northern Ireland and Ireland are totally different. Northern Ireland is not part of Ireland, which located at the north of Ireland. Wales is rich in history and natural beauty and has a culture distinct from the rest of the UK. Travelers are attracted to Wales because of its beautiful landscape, the wide open spaces of its stunning national parks and the wealth of history and culture.

Our first destination is Cardiff Bay. Cardiff Bay, is a home to a large freshwater lake for sailing and water sports. It has been redeveloped in the last decade by the old Cardiff docklands.

Cardiff Bay’s notable buildings

1. Wales Millenium Centre presents international opera, ballet, modern dance and musical. “Art Sherpas” sun tours of the front and backstage areas and free live music performances take place in the foyer everyday lunchtime. The Wales Millenium Centre is home to the Welsh National Opera.

2. Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre The Bay Visitor Centre, also known as The Tube is a home to exhibitions and displays on the history and development of Cardiff Bay, including a scale model of the entire city.

3. Norwegian Church was first established in Cardiff Bay to serve the large community of Norwegian sailors working in the docks. Its main claim to fame is as the church where author Roald Dahl was christened – today, however, it has been converted into a cafe and art gallery.

4. Pierhead Building contains an interactive exhibition on the role of the National Assembly. The clock of the building is unofficially known as “Baby Big Ben”.

5. The Seneed is the home of the Welsh Assembly Government’s debating chamber, where visitors can join a tour of the eco-friendly building, or watch Assembly debates from the public viewing gallery.

Cardiff Bay

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