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>3rd – 4th November 2007

This trip was organized by Sabah and Sarawak Students Society of TARC together with Askar Wataniah. Well, it was my first time trip after had been joining Sabah and Sarawak Students Society for almost 4 years. Anyway, most of my hostel friends joining this trip as well as my 2 best friends, Kai Wee and Liong Sung. It’s must be very enjoyable with them.

We had to wait the bus for early morning. As usual, I can’t sleep well in there is any events or activities in the next day. Can consider insomnia..We wait in front of the hostel guard house at 5.30 am. Early rite? But the bus start at 7am. Gosh!! We reach Penang around in the noon. I damn love the accomodation provided. Staying in the apartment attached with swimming pool. Cool man!

This is the first photo being edited by me. Not really nice but I will not give up.
Pic: Group photos in front of the swimming pool.

On the second day, being tortured. Our activity was climbed Bukit Bendera. Climbed? Yup, climb. But there is a cable car. So funny right? Anyway, it was a good experience. We had been climbing for 4 hours. Hiking inside the forest. It’s been so long I had not hiking since I studied at TARC. During my secondary time, every year I will going to hike with my friends and Girl Guides society. Although it’s tired, quite fun anyway


Unexpected i will enter to this website and start to write blog. Since when I start to get interest with writing blog. I think when I want to tell something to someone but I dun dare even my close friends. I really sorry for not telling u, my dear friends coz I really dunno how to expressed it out from my heart.

Start with my favourite past times, sure will be music. “No Music, No Life” or what can I said “World Without Music is Suck”. Recently, there are many of my favourite music such as Clumsy from Fergie and Apologize by Timbaland feat. One Republic.

But till now, my favourite songs still are Just So You Know and Because You Live from Jesse McCartney, Chasing Cars and Fire Signal from Snow Patrol and Home from Daughtry. Should go to download those songs and listen to it especially Home, it was a meaningful song.

Talking about my life. Recently i feel very down. Feel like I was lost. Dunno where had I been. I try to find myself. I was blur about the ACCA exam. Should I take next year June sitting or wait till I come back from UK?? I really damn lost and tension for this matter. Apart from that, there is someone that makes me feel lost and makes me want to think of that person everyday and night.

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